It’s a boy - but hello, I knew that already...

Lori Cormack
Lori Cormack

SO it is a baby boy for William and Catherine - hurrah! (Well, that’s what you’re meant to say in situations like this right?)

I would very much like to point out - although I’m sure not many people will believe me - that I knew it was going to be a boy. Granted I said he would be born on Friday, but one out of two ain’t bad. Add that to the fact that I also knew a family member was having a girl and if I was a betting kind of woman, I reckon I’d be at least £2 up by now.

With my 23rd birthday looming this Sunday, I can categorically say that I am not ready for a baby. Just holding the newest member of our extended family on Monday evening was enough to tell me I should probably wait a few years - I had no idea what I was doing! Apparently maternal instinct kicks in when it’s your own, but somehow I think I would still be calling my own mum up at all hours asking her what I should be doing.

However, I don’t think that is a problem that Catherine is going to experience. As well as her mum, she basically has the whole world giving her hints and tips on how best to raise a child. If I was her, I’d do the obligatory wave on the steps of the hospital, then hide myself away for the next few months, very a’la Kim Kardashian.

Getting back to Leven and all things normal, sadly it looks as if our good weather is disappearing with every word I type here. Looking out of the window, it is very dark inded. But, when there were blue skies, it seems we were out shopping! Although we may have had to put up with the ming in the air...