It’s a new way of Fife ...

Fiona Pringle
Fiona Pringle

Welcome to the Kingdom of Fife.

Not the first time I’ve passed the sign.

In fact, on my countless journeys to and from my previous job in the wilds of Angus, it has slid in and out of my vision many times.

However, last, last Monday the six words took on a new significance - heralding the beginning of my new role with the Fife Free Press Group,

Although an Edinburger, I am no stranger to Fife and the treasures it holds.

However, never before had I appreciated the enormity and variety of the county just across the bridge.

From arts festivals, gala days and charity events to anniversary celebrations, community campaigns and plenty of local action, the news patch covered by the Fife titles is rich and vibrant and one I am delighted to be part of.

The tricky bit seems to be getting to grips with it all. Nearing a significant birthday it seems my ability to adapt quickly to large amounts of new information, has slowed with age and things that I assumed were second nature are taking a far greater amount of brainpower than is practical.

In an attempt to combat the slowing of cognitive functions I’ve attempted to separate my day into more manageable chunks and have just about mastered the morning routine.

The commute, culminating in an amble through the charming gardens of Kirkcaldy Galleries is no bad way to start a day.

While I attempt to order the subsequent ‘chunks’, hear my plea - a plea for a little understanding, perhaps some directions and ultimately a lot of patience as I slowly but hopefully successfully, get a grip.