It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...

Debbie Clarke
Debbie Clarke

By Debbie Clarke

I am finally starting to think about Christmas.

This week I looked out my colourful decorations and artificial tree and put them up in my living room.

I love this time of year and enjoy all the festivities.

Last weekend I went to the Girls Day Out Show in Glasgow with my friends and really enjoyed it.

The event is held at the SECC and basically a room is filled full of stalls selling everything a girl could want including make-up, jewellery, perfume, clothes, beauty products and much more.

You can even have a massage or your teeth whitened if you fancy!

This has been my third year at the event and it’s always good fun.

Great for picking up a few Christmas presents and the odd bargain too!

The good thing is I have almost finished my Christmas shopping now so it doesn’t leave too many gifts still to buy.

New classes: I have had to alter my gym classes these last few weeks as I have an ongoing injury but I have to say I have quite enjoyed the change.

I love my Body Attack, Body Pump, Spin and Body Combat classes but I have been unable to do them as they are too high impact.

So instead I have been trying Yoga and Body Balance.

I used to do yoga years ago and while I have remembered some of the poses, I am discovering I am not as flexible as I once was!

I do have a few favourites though including downward facing dog which gives a good all-round stretch as well as the pigeon pose which gives the hips and legs a good stretch.

I have to say it has been difficult to try and relax when I am used to jumping around but it has made a nice change.

I am feeling the benefits too!

It’s also a good way to chill out and to take some time out from daily stresses and chores.

I am hoping I will be back to full fitness soon, but until then I will continue with my stretching!