It’s Sci-fi for a new generation

Martin Gore
Martin Gore

By John Murray

It’s been two years in the making, but we now have MG (Mute), from Depeche Mode writer and founder Martin Gore.

Without the restrictions of rhyming couplets and repeating choruses he has opted for a full instrumental album expanding ideas from the early 1980s. Beautifully packaged in embossed card, the CD gives no hint to style within. Very like a movie soundtrack it does have some hallmarks that are unmistakable.

Rhythmic and completely electronic, it absorbs the heritage from Devo, Tubeway Army, Can and latterly Daft Punk to offer sci-fi to a new generation, while still giving a nod to long-term Depeche fans.

Europa Hymn is the lead track and has the most crossover appeal with less of the drop-ins and effects of the other tracks.

Recorded after the last DP tour in March 2013 in Santa Barbara, it’s a proud achievement but a difficult listen to newcomers expecting the electro pop of the past.

Edinburgh Jazz guitarist Neil Warden has teamed with acclaimed pianist Stuart Mitchell to produce The Silent Sky (Deep Blue). It’s a logical collaboration, with both musicians known for soundtrack music as well as their guest slots on other albums. Together they have written a pure musical instrumental album, with guests like Colin Steele adding muted trumpet to the cool jazz vibes of Lupo, or John Burgess with a dusting of flute on Alhambra.