Jacqueline Thomson, Buckhaven/Wemyss: Life’s variety summed up by seasons

Deaconess Jacqueline Thomson, of Buckhaven and Wemyss Parish Church.
Deaconess Jacqueline Thomson, of Buckhaven and Wemyss Parish Church.

SUMMER time is often when we meet with people who have journeyed here to Fife from different places.

Some people may be visiting on a day trip or have decided to visit and stay for a longer period, renting a caravan or holiday home. It is always good to meet and chat with these visitors.

Something that seems to enter every conversation, I have found with amazing regularity, is the topic of the weather.

It seems that we, as local residents, have something in common with the visitors and that is we really have to be prepared to experience glimpses of all the seasons in one day.

The start of conversations may include complaints about how dry everything is and how we could benefit with some rainfall. Other conversations refer to how good it would be to experience a gentle breeze.

Yet isn’t it so wonderful that all our lives each day are open to such variety within these changing days of the seasons?

Our lives are not all that different. They also have seasons; times when we feel cold or dull inside; times when it’s a little too hot to handle, too much pressure.

Yet when we think of the most wonderful times when the temperature is just right, things are comfortable, life is great.

I think we would agree these are the times that we celebrate the uniqueness of not only ourselves, but of this wonderful world, with its glorious changing seasons, that we can appreciate each and every day of our lives.

The thing about seasons is we have no control over them. They happen as they have since the world was created.

That’s also true in our lives. Of course, we have some control over lives; choosing to live with integrity, honesty, kindness, love. All of these are things we can learn and decide. and choosing these ways can positively impact our lives.

It is as if the choices we make bring new seasons into our lives. I think we can acknowledge that.

But there is also definitely a level at which we don’t have control over the seasons that make up our lives. We can be cruising along and, in a flash, something happens and a different season comes crashing in. Or, when the smallest change can suddenly bring a bright new hopeful season with it.

That’s what life is like – it is ever-changing.

In the book of Ecclesiastes, at chapter 3, the author, aware of God’s gracious action in our world, states: “There is a time for everything,and a season for every activity under the heavens”.

The author affirms that God as creator is in control, not only in the times of changing weather during all the seasons of the year, but every day.

That is good news to share in our conversations this summer.