Joining a new anthology on memories of great Bruce Springsteen gigs

Bruce Sprrngsteen anthology, launched in July
Bruce Sprrngsteen anthology, launched in July

I may well be on my way to making my debut as an author.

A few months ago I was asked if a column I wrote about seeing Bruce Springsteen performing live could be included in a new book.

Last week, an email landed in my inbox announcing the July publication of The Day I Was There.

Neil Cossar has pulled together 250 articles and memories of great Springsteen gigs across the globe, and it looks as though my column from the Fife Free Press is among ‘em!

It was written to mark his 2016 tour reprising The River.

I’m old enough to have been at the original River tour of ‘81 which brought him to the Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh for two nights.

I actually got free tickets because my dad stayed in the row of houses right behind the stage door, and it was a peace offering to mitigate the noise and the fact bands such as Springsteen, The Stones and The Who soaked up so much electricity his telly would flicker badly throughout their gigs!

I was offered £100 for my ticket as I queued – a huge sum for a schoolkid from Wester Hailes.

I declined, and so began my lifelong love of Springsteen’s music and was the first of umpteen treks to increasingly big arenas to see him perform with the legendary E Street Band.

That night, after the gig, my brother and I scurried round, bolted through the house into the garage and stood just feet from The Boss’ car – everyone else was stuck behind barriers as the lane was shut off.

I was so-o-o-o tempted to stowaway and begin life on E Street as a travelling musician.

Alas, I only know three chords on the guitar, and it was hard to see how my primary school days playing the recorder could really enhance the sound of the band!

Still, if I make it into print I shall be chuffed – and everyone I know will get a copy for Christmas, signed of course!

All I need now is another Springsteen tour.

He’s got one more epic three-hour-plus set in him, surely...