Joining the WCW band for summer

Fiona's joining the club...
Fiona's joining the club...
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By Fiona Dobie

Time to spend weekends without waiting for the football results to come in on a Saturday afternoon or watching Lineker and Hanson on ‘Match of the Day’.

However, a bit like leap years, the World Cup suddenly appears out of no where and we find ourselves questioning whether it really has been four years since the last one.

The football season break vanishes.

But now instead of having football forced upon us at the weekend - oh and it seems Tuesday and Wednesday evenings too recently with all the European matches -for the next few weeks it’s going to be on every day.

As if the World Cup warm-ups in the last couple of weeks weren’t enough.

And now it’s not just one 90-minute session a day - there’s three games on in a day while the group stages are played. I say day, but really that should read night.

Given that the games are taking place in Brazil, with the time difference they are set to run in the evening over here in the UK.

The timings according to my husband are almost perfect, in that the first game starts at 5.00 p.m. once work is finished.

He’ll be able to get home sharpish and settle down for three matches back to back that run into the early hours of the following morning.

However, for me, this is not a perfect scenario.

With the games being on outwith our normal working hours it means until whoever should win lifts the cup on July 13, I shall find myself a World Cup Widow (WCW).

With 64 matches taking place throughout the tournament, that’s 96 hours (assuming there’s no extra time or penalties) of what some may see as peace and quiet from the other half. It’s just unfortunate that with the matches being played in the evenings, the opportunities of time filling are slightly reduced.

For example it rules out the chance of hitting the shops, and browsing the internet store is not the same therapy as actually hitting the high street.

I’ve noticed that at least one of the film channels is looking towards a captive market, offering WCW’s an outlet to escape - from 5.00 p.m. every day they will be screening rom-coms and chick flicks.

All very well if you have two cable or Sky boxes so that you can escape to the other room to watch something you’ll enjoy. But sadly that option is out for me.

Perhaps all this football wouldn’t be so bad if Scotland had actually made it through.

I only have vague memories of the country’s performance the last time they qualified for the finals in 1998.

But to be honest, the main thing I actually remember from that occasion was our World Cup song, ‘Don’t Come Home Too Soon’ by Del Amitri.

Ha, but guess exactly what happened...

Although putting the World Cup to one side for now, after complaining about the football, I know I’ll be watching plenty of other sport this summer - in fact, sport that Scotland will actually be competing in.

Thankfully it’s not long though until we’re cheering on Murray at Wimbledon.

Tennis I’m more than happy to watch for hours on end, although unfortunately sometimes work just gets in the way of viewing.

Do we think he’ll be able to do it again? If so, do you think we’ll have less of the emotion when he’s interviewed afterwards?

And, as if Wimbledon wasn’t enough, we’ve then got the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. It may not be the Olympics, but it’s still a huge sporting event that’s almost right on our doorsteps (if you want to travel west).

Thankfully Scotland’s got a few chances of medals in that tournament. However, that said, we must remember that this is Scotland so we best not get our hopes up too much ...