Liars are in a right mess ...


John Murray likes what he hears from Brooklyn trio’s new album

A flurry of new albums this week certainly shows creative music is alive and well and still in record shops if you can still find one.

With last week’s annual Record Store Day many limited editions became available while stocks lasted.

With vinyl sales now the highest since 2007 it all looked good but for many the discs sold out only to be found on auction sites.

This annoyed Paul Weller for one and he reportedly said he wouldn’t be taking part again.

Collectors love this of course and everything from Adam & The Ants reissues, One Direction picture discs to the Liars single (Mess On A Mission) on 12” all did well.

That is also the lead track of Liars album newly released an effective electro hit with several remixes already available.

Mess (Mute), follows WIXIW from 2012 and this will build more fans who will discover the post modern electro with more power than before.

The trio from Brooklyn defy description these days having been labelled as 21st century garage rock, noise pop and punk funk and this is only the next chapter.
Liz Green follows up her 2007 debut with Haul Away (Play It Again Sam), an immediately likeable album of original writing.
Liz takes you unawares with compelling vocals and vintage but minimal orchestration.

Her gentle courting on Into My Arms or melodic twisting River Runs Deep compliments some dark pieces like Little I with cello and piano meandering without vocals.
Howie B lets his music do the talking too and on his first album for five years.

His Down With The Dawn (HB), album has a consistent slow groove like his initial years with Soul II Soul and while there is too much going on to be filed under ambient, the overall feel is of warming techniques.