Living life online

Fiona Dobie
Fiona Dobie

By Fiona Dobie

For the last three or four weeks I’ve noticed just how much we have come to rely on the internet in recent times.

There’s been a distinct lack of broadband connection in our house since before Christmas and the number of times I’ve thought ‘oh, I’ll just do X’ and then remembered there’s no internet is incredible.

Just simple things, like looking up shop opening times, sending a quick email or checking a bank balance. Things usually done on a daily basis without really a second thought these days.

However, with no connection to broadband and a very poor - pretty much non existent - 3G signal on a mobile phone I felt completely lost without being able to get online.

Thankfully, that’s behind me as the broadband connection was installed by a very nice engineer this week and now I can get back to doing those simple things without thinking about it.

Birdwatch: Having written about the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch for last week’s Fife Free Press Group papers encouraging people to take part I decided that I should in fact do it myself. And that’s exactly what I did on Saturday.

Armed with a piece of paper and a pen (remember I didn’t have the internet that day) I sat down for an hour looking out the living room window to see what I could see.

It started off well with a number of birds being seen from three different species, but then I hit a lull. Thankfully a few more feathered friends made an appearance towards the end of the time.

Now the internet is installed the numbers have been submitted to the RSPB and I look forward to doing it again next year.