Lori Cormack: Confession of a Leven Community reporter...

Lori Cormack
Lori Cormack

Every year, I tell myself that I will no longer watch, I will give it up and I will take back my Saturday and Sunday nights with strength and determination.

And every year I fail. I give in to the hype and spend all Monday morning gossiping over the desk - I don’t think offices have had water coolers since 2001 - about ‘the right decision’ and ‘shocking exits’.

Of course, I’m talking about the X Factor. Now in it’s tenth year, the singing competition is still going strong and doesn’t look likely to end on a high for its tenth anniversary as I suspect many would like it to. Simon Cowell just loves money too much eh? (Well, not as much as himself, but clearly enough...)

It’s gone from small-scale room auditions, to massive arenas and one night spectaculars to two night, could this be any longer, hurry up and finish, circuses.

But I still watch. And still shout at my telly. And still cry at the contestant’s sob stories. I hope you do not think less of your community reporter!

This year, Levenmouth’s own Jade Richards was back for a third year, and she was lucky enough to get through to judges houses for a second time. (Please don’t read on if you haven’t seen Sunday’s episode by now!) Sadly, Jade didn’t make it through to the live stage of the competition, but, and this isn’t me being bias cause she’s from Fife, she has an absolutely beautiful voice. I hear she already has a recording contract lined up and I wish her the best of luck.

I promise this will be my last X Factor column, so please come back next week!