Mafia State by Luke Harding

Mafia State
Mafia State

Recommended by Dawn Renton

I first read this book about two years ago when I was at college and picked it up again the other week.

Guardian journalist Luke Harding was the Moscow correspondent for the paper a few years ago.

Sent to cover news issues regarding Russia, he finds himself targeted by the FSB (the former KGB) as they wage a sinister war against him for speaking out against Putin and the government.

From breaking in to his apartment in Moscow and changing the bedding and setting alarm clocks to go off at unusual times, to having him followed, the FSB was determined to get rid of Harding one way or another.

Eventually he is forced to leave Russia after threats were made against his family.

The book gives a fascinating insight into the workings of the Russian government and the lengths that it will go to to stop whoever gets in its way.

Harding’s honest and often disturbing account of the FSB’s tactics to silence him, makes for a really great read.