Magic of the movies

Dawn Renton
Dawn Renton

By Dawn Renton

I’ve actually done some things of interest over the past week for a change! I attended the gala screening of Goldfinger as part of the Kirkcaldy Film Festival at the Adam Smith Theatre. It has been 50 years since one of the best Bond films was first shown at the flicks so it was a good chance to see it on the big screen. Everybody pulled on their best glad rags for the occasion and there was even a young lad who pulled out all the stops with an Oddjob-style bowler hat. Safe to say that he stole the show! The whole festival went down a storm over the weekend showing a variety of different films. It’s always good to see the town host events like this and it even scooped London by showing the premiere of ‘What We Did On Our Holidays’ first. Which, I might add, was a complete sell out on the Sunday. Well done us, eh?

Glory Days: I shimmied on up to Perth to see the Springsteen Sessions play at the City Hall on Saturday night. They are, in case you hadn’t already guessed it, a Bruce Springsteen tribute band. Cover acts can be a kind of a hit and miss at times; either they are really good or god awful.

In this case, they are actually a really great band and do The Boss and the E Street Band justice.

There is something about being with great people and listening to fantastic live music that makes you feel glad to be alive isn’t there? The band played a lot of my favourite Boss songs which only helped to make the night even better. They certainly weren’t Bruce himself but they definitely came a really close second.

Bump in the night: Is it too early to start planning for Halloween? It’s my favourite time of the year by far and I’m already excited about decorating the house and baking cookies for the trick or treaters when they come a-knocking.

This week: I’ve been reading James Herbert’s The Secret of Crickley Hall and scaring myself silly in the process because, as everyone knows, ghosts do exist...