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Recommended by Debbie Clarke

One of my favourite fairytales when growing up was ‘Sleeping Beauty’ so I was really looking forward to seeing this modern-day version of the classic story. Maleficent is a twist on the original tale as it tells what happened from the point of view of the wicked fairy.

You end up feeling empathy for the character which you despised as a child! It shows you that there is always a reason to explain why someone behaves in a certain way or why they have ended up being very bitter.

Traumatised after an assault and betrayal by a loved one, Maleficent takes revenge by casting a spell on the young princess -but it is a move she comes to regret as she develops a friendship with the girl.

I don’t normally like twists on classic fairytale fables but I did enjoy this one. Angelina Jolie was fantastic in the lead role.

If you are looking for light-hearted entertainment, magic and a good story I would highly recommended you watch this movie.