Money for old records

Rare Record Price Guide
Rare Record Price Guide

John Murray on why it paid to keep hold of your rare vinyl

In the same way that big album releases come at the latter end of the year there are always good music books too – or maybe I just notice them more.

As a vinyl collector there is one that appears every couple of years and it is an essential purchase.

Rare Record Price Guide 2016 (£29.95, Diamond Publishing), edited by Ian Shirley has over 100,000 entries and is completely revised and updated.

That is to say some modern rarities make the grade too especially obscure bands and limited vinyl editions.

That is not to say CDs are not valuable though or from major artists.

Madonna has a good section where a picture sleeved copy of Lucky Star which does not credit Jellybean is worth £1000 today and if you were wondering whether to buy all those picture discs that appeared in Sleeves window in Whytescauseway at 99p every week, Madonna’s Crazy For You is now valued at £800, the 12” Angel picture disc now £1000 and the withdrawn 1992 Erotica single an astonishing £2500.

Don’t you wish you had kept all your records? For Christmas 1982 I bought all our Freeway Disco crew at the Dutch Mill a set of 4 U2 singles in a pack called 4 U2 Play. I’m sure I got a deal at £3.99 but today they sell for £120 and the white vinyl version goes for £1000.

Of Course Beatles and Elvis feature greatly but many more forgotten acts have a value in mint condition.

Book buyers can also get the online constantly updated version for an additional £15.

Quite aside of the big auction sites, auction houses now also host record auctions with memorabilia and signed editions particularly selling well.

The Proclaimers Lyrics 1987 – 2013 (£9.99, Coffee Table), has all 124 full song lyrics in one volume.

From the iconic ‘Letter From America’ to the anthem ‘500 Miles’ Craig & Charlie certainly know how to express statements into music and they are all here from their impressive back catalogue.

Fans David Tennant and Matt Lucas add album notes and foreword is from screenwriter Richard Curtis.