Morrisey and Sturgeon – time to cull the Scottish Grievance

Morrissey on stage during a previous Scottish tour (Pic: Cate Gillon/TSPL)
Morrissey on stage during a previous Scottish tour (Pic: Cate Gillon/TSPL)

We really are becoming a nation with a grievance.

The slightest of slights and the toys come hurtling out the pram.

When Morrisey, that most miserable of northerners at his Glasgow gig ‘‘do you actually like Nicola Sturgeon?’’ there were three appropriate responses.

One was to go ‘‘eh, what did he say?’’ and get on with the night.

One was to raise your beer and join the general wall of cheers and jeers.

And, one was to think, uh-oh here he goes again. The guy has previous, and, to be honest, by Morrisey’s own standards, this was a polite inquiry.

But the notion that his words would prompt you to walk out is just bewildering.

That says so much about the chip that seems to be so delicately balanced on the shoulders of some Scots these days.

The slightest besmirching of whatever it is we hold dear, and we’re off in the huff faster than a two-man bobsleigh team down the track at the Winter Olympics.

Isn’t it time we grew up?

We’re a fabulously inventive, creative, talented nation.

But everything that is great about this place is being wrecked by the grievance culture which simmers online and is now spilling into the real world.

Let’s leave aside the fact this was blown out of all proportion – our man at the gig reckons maybe a dozen out of a 12,000 crowd walked out, so hardly a mass exodus. Barely even enough to form a queue at the bar.

If you did ‘‘storm out’’ (cliche courtesy of every tabloid) then you need a check up from the neck up.

Think about it. You re a fan of the old curmudgeon. You bought tickets ages ago and paid top dollar for them too.

You spent time and money getting to Glasgow. You coughed up even more for the over-priced drinks.

And one sarcastic comment has you out of your seat, your coat on and back along the M8 and home before Morrisey gets round to his encore.


People of Scotland, what on earth has happened to us?

Tantrums are for toddlers – not grown ups .

I don’t care whether Morrisey likes Sturgeon. I couldn’t gave a hoot if Sturgeon thinks Morrisey’s music is rubbish – frankly,that’s not the story here.

Once again, the grievance culture rears its ugly head and corrodes another part of Scottish life.

People, get a grip.

We should be better than this soor-facedness which adds a whole new dimension to the Scottish cringe.

By all means challenge beliefs with vigour, argue your corner with passion – grief we’re good at that bit! – but, for pity’s sake, let’s knock the chip off our shoulders.

The Glasgow Apollo used to be the place where English acts were scythed by a deadpan one liner from the crowd – lines which have become part of our folklore. Sadly, we’ve lost a lot more than the sharpness of our wit and tongue.

It says everything that we emerge from this nonsense looking even more miserable than Morrisey.