Music Matters - with John Murray

John Murray
John Murray

NEXT month watch out for the release of a debut album from a Dundee collective of musicians with the unlikely name of Anderson, McGinty, Webster, Ward & Fisher (Two Thumbs).

With three outstanding writers and vocalists on board there is a merging of styles but all complimenting each other.

McGinty sings Michael’s Temptress has Country fiddle and banjo but would have tempted Alex Harvey with those vocal lines and accent, Webster sings his own ‘How Long’ like it may have come from early Doobie Brothers while Anderson tends to be the thoughtful melancholy one with his ‘Ashes Of Our Wings’ complete with harmonies and harmonium of his (almost) solo love song to Jessica with just piano accompaniment. Together though they have something fresh for these times and still unknown until now.

Just ahead of the album release A, M, W, W & F have arranged some local dates like the Letham Festival on Saturday and PJ Molloy’s Dunfermline next Friday.

Three fermale writers Sarah Blasko, Holly Thosby and Sally Seltmann have formed Seeker Lover Keeper (Microdata), with this self titled release. Great harmonies and inventive writing throughout with ‘Even Though I’m A Woman’ typifying the collaboration and coincidentally the first single. Happy to guest on each other shows these friends have found something special but still individual.

Contender for re-issue of the month must be Viva Hate (Liberty), from Morrissey - his

first solo album back in 1988 leaving The Smiths. The instant hit ‘Suedehead’ still stands out here along with the other catchy friendly sounds of ‘Everyday Is Like Sunday’.

Amazingly Morrissey has given approval to the project and has even dropped one track, ‘Ordinary Boys’ in favour of ‘Treat Me Like A Human Being’, a slow blues typical of its time.

Collectors, and there are many, will scoop up the limited 10” picture disc single of Suedehead specially remixed by Sparks and the two unreleased BBC live tracks from 1995.