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John Murray
John Murray

WHITE rabbits white rabbits, new month and superstitions aside look to the new album Milk Famous (Mute), from the New York based band White Rabbits.

Highly inventive with multi ideas per song they open with ‘Heavy Metal’ which isn’t but instead a creative indie sounds with piano loops, some in reverse.

Quirky and electronic at times (check ‘Temporary’ which will be a new single or ‘It’s Frightening’ verging on the surreal) they are building a following from those who appreciate the difference. They tour Europe next month but no Scottish dates.

This week I met up with Alan Dedicote at a radio conference and had a chat about voice over artists. He currently reads the news on Richard Madley’s BBC Radio 2 breakfast show but will always be known as the voice of the balls, as it is he who announces the National Lottery Draw every week and has been doing this for 17 years.

Very few have such a distinctive voice and he himself lists his rivals as X Factor voice Peter Dickson who lives quite close to him as they share a train into London, and John Briggs the voice behind Siri on your Smartphone.

His voice is his fortune but he told me can be restricting as he is forbidden to voice commercials. However he did reveal he can be heard all over the US as the announcer on ‘Dancing With The Stars’, which is their equivalent to ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

Being the son of legendary songwriter Jimmy Webb must be a hard to follow but one that Christiaan Webb has embraced. Already introduced to performance as The Webb Brothers with his younger brother, the new album A Man Possessed (Musicbox), released this week is the first truly solo album.

‘Life Support’ is an engaging duet with Angela Gannon and wouldn’t be out of place on a Lady Antebellum album while his distinctive voice (I’m reminded of Don Henley from The Eagles) comes to the fore on the timeless piano driven ‘Fountain Of Youth’ and even more so on the descriptive ballad ‘It’s Your Last Night On Earth’.