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Paul Cardwell
Paul Cardwell

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I think the highlight of my week is probably the same as a lot of other people’s weeks - Andy Murray winning Wimbledon.

I’ve long been a fan of Murray - ever since he looked like he might rid us of the wimp that is/was ‘Tiger Tim’ Henman.

Unlike Henman, Murray is a true sporting hero in my eyes.

I love his drive to try to succeed and think that the hard work he puts in is the most inspirational aspect of his personality - I wish others would focus on that rather than (wrongly in my opinion) labelling him dour or a moaner.

From 10-minute ice baths to gruelling training sessions in the Miami heat I get the impression every second of his life over the past few years has been dedicated to making himself better at his chosen profession - something perhaps we could all aspire to.

Hopefully this is just the first of many Wimbledons and he can also add to the US Open title he won last year with the other majors as well, but even if he doesn’t we will always be proud of him.

Sunny disposition: Andy Murray aside the rest of my week has been relatively dull in comparison, but still pretty enjoyable thanks to the weather.

It’s amazing the difference a bit of sun in your eyes and heat on your back makes.

I barely went out my front door at the weekend but I was never bored because I was in the back garden from the moment I got home on Friday night until I left for work on Monday morning - including rigging up plug and aerial extension cables to watch the tennis outside on Sunday afternoon.

Saturday was spent cutting the grass and tidying up the garden before having a barbecue with friends and family in the evening.

With good food, good company and a few beers there was probably no place I’d rather have been.