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Allan Crow
Allan Crow
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With Allan Crow

THERE were 91 arrests at this year’s T In The Park, but yet police praised the behaviour of fans.

Is it just me who thinks those two statements just don’t tally up?

Now, statistically, lifting 91 folk from a crowd of 80,000 times three days is pretty small, but I’ve spent the summer at music events and festivals with big numbers and not seen a single lout being lifted.

Didn’t Bon Jovi pull some 60,000 to Hampden? Don’t recall reading of any arrests.

Didn’t Bruce Springsteen perform to 63,000 fans at Hampden without nearly 100 of them being nicked for ‘‘petty crime and drugs offences?’’ (or nigh on 860 treated because they were too dumb/wrecked/smashed to take care in the heat?).

Ditto Hard Rock Calling down in London where I was part of an all-day crowd of 60,000 on a hot summer’s day and night, although I can report one solitary was chucked.

And I’m fairly certain 91 folk won’t start a rammy at Rewind next weekend.

So, what do those figures say about T In The Park and the audience it targets?

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Art attack: I see the new Morrisons’ store is starting to take shape at Invertiel.

Wonder when they’ll get round to that ‘‘iconic’’ piece of art which formed part of the deal.

Anyone on the case? Any local artists consulted or engaged by the Council/contractors? Any brief they should work to?.

And does anyone know what an ‘‘iconic’’ piece of art looks like anyway?

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Long walk: Went for a 10-mile walk on the coastal path on Saturday. Given the heat it felt like 20 miles - and I came home worse than clarty!

Boy did I feel the effects on Sunday when everything ached, so I rewarded myself with a beer, a book and a day off.


Looking forward to this weekend’s carnival ... and another long walk on the Coastal Path. It’s become my second home!