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I have a deep rooted and unbreakable hatred of going to a swimming pool for many reasons that I won’t go into, but after managing to avoid it for over four years, I was cajoled into going to the Olympia at Dundee as my kids had heard great things about it. I grumpily acquiesced despite having ended up on anti-inflammatories and pain killers after the last pool visit due to a mistimed leap into the shallow end. All was going as well as a trip to one of these hateful places can until we went on the flumes. The red and green were fine then we decided to go on the blue one. “Put your hands behind your head and lie back” said the bloke so I followed his instructions. Come the first fast bend I was thrown into the air and came down fast, smacking my head against the side into the bargain. Somehow I managed to get myself into a sitting position for the rest of the way. Dazed, nauseous and with a bleeding shoulder to boot, I felt utterly miserable but completely vindicated in my loathing of the whole wretched experience. It’ll be way longer than four years before I go back again.

Doctor Cool: So on Sunday having watched Hearts being worryingly toothless and losing to St Johnstone on Alba, I flicked over as my Whovian family gathered together to find out who was going to take over Matt Smith’s bow tie. There were cheers from Mrs M and I as Peter Capaldi was announced, but the kids were slightly less enthused. The eldest thinks he looks “scary”, the youngest “creepy but cool”. Oddly enough I had been at a photography exhibition just the day before and there was a pic of the young Capaldi as lead singer of punk band The Dreamboys, with Craig Ferguson on drums, a rather bizarre part of his past that I’d no knowledge of. He’ll be an excellent Timelord I reckon, I just hope that he sticks around in the Tardis for a few years.

This Week: Went for my biannual haircut....battled for over an hour with an old tree root in the garden - I won...