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Allan Crow
Allan Crow

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Week one was spent walking the coastal path for Bob’s Walk which was just wonderful.
Weeks two and three were meant to be reserved for the Festival - a fortnight of live shows, good food, beer and mooching around the capital.

In truth I managed a day and a bit of culture.

The other 13 days consisted of long lies which would put a teenager to shame!

Great show: I caught the Fife based show Sinatra: The Final Curtain at the festival - superb!

Written by our own John Murray, it enjoyed full houses most nights and a raft of very positive reviews.

It was one of the few shows which could easily have moved into a bigger venue to accommodate the demand for tickets. It’d be great to see it staged in Kirkcaldy.

Last leg: I completed another section of the coastal path on Saturday - and I’m still suffering.

I caught a bus to Kincardine and decided to start tackling the western part. Ended up doing it on a oner ...

Bridge to bridge, it was around 17 miles, and, once again, I got the best weather imaginable. Not a single drop of rain!

The sections which take you away from the main road and into the countryside are fabulous. I literally was on my own - didn’t meet a single soul for long stretches.

And I now appreciate just how big the dockyard is after circumnavigating them for what felt like an hour or two!

I just need to do Wormit to Newburgh and then the path is complete which, for someone who hadn’t walked a mile less than three months ago, is a pretty nifty achievement.

And this former sloth finds himself also toying with a jaunt up the Lomonds!