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It’s fair to say that I am of an age where the latest trends in ‘youth culture’ pass me by.

I watched MTV in the days when the station actually played music and not endless reality shows, however, it would have been hard not to be aware of the controversy at the recent VMA awards.

Curiosity got the better of me and I sought out the video concerned. I’ve no idea what ‘twerking’ is supposed to be but it seemed to consist of Hannah Montana bending over a lot looking like an undressed Barbie that had been attacked by a razor.

I know I’m old, but shock value to make up for a lack of genuine talent is nothing new (and this was tame), and the sooner Miley disappears into obscurity the better.

And here’s something I never thought I would write, but compare her to the always elegant and classy Taylor Swift who I warm to more every time I hear her latest outburst against the likes of Miley or One Direction!

Tattoo far: I don’t like tattoos. People are perfectly free to do what they want with their bodies but I simply do not find ‘body art’ attractive, especially on females.

Yes, there are those with small, demure tattoos that do not offend my eyes but I have never understood why anyone would want to spoil the natural beauty of the human skin.

That’s just my opinion, of course, but it was strengthened this week when we were ‘treated’ to the full horror of Cheryl Cole’s rose tattoo that covers her lower back and buttocks. Now, when her mouth is shut Cole is quite attractive in a ‘chav-chic’ kind of way, but this monstrosity is just awful - tacky, overblown and plain ugly. But, of course, it’s art...

Top girls: Good luck to the Face of Fife finalists on Sunday. It’s a great achievement to get this far and I hope you all enjoy your special day. I’m just glad I don’t have to try and pick the winner!

This Week... Discovered I still had a £15 gift card for WH Smith from Christmas - now spent on books... Watched ‘Life of Pi’ and ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, both okay but not as good as the hype.