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Ah... as Leonard Cohen said “Suddenly, the night has grown colder” and, perhaps not quite as solemnly, I’ve waved a fond farewell to balmy summer days and look instead to crisp autumn days and darker nights. Don’t know why, but this season always makes me feel nostalgic and it was on that note that I visited what was to be the last RAF Leuchars Airshow on Saturday. I’ve found over the years that the best way to enjoy the spectacle is to bypass the crowds at the airbase itself and, along with all the other locals in the know, beat a path across the dunes to the northernmost shore of West Sands. It’s quite dramatic to watch incredible jets rip through the skies of such a gorgeous panoramic landscape. But, as the event ended, it was quite poignant and fitting perhaps to watch a flock of birds silently fly in a V formation towards Tentsmuir Forest. 

Furby fears: Less wistful was the joy of watching my son enjoy his birthday party up at Jumpin’ Jacks as he turned four on Sunday. As well as having a great time at what could only be described as a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, he introduced me to his latest acquisition... a Furby. For those unacquainted with this furry interactive gizmo, it looks like a gremlin and, according to how well it’s looked after, develops one of five personalities ranging from insanely cute to devilishly rude. To confuse adults it also chatters away in a language called Furbish, for example Doo-moh/may-lah/kah means ‘please hug me,’ but as he gradually ‘grows’ he speaks more English. I actually started to grow attached to the little critter until yesterday when he woke up and I said ‘good morning’ to him. Rolling his cute boogly eyes, he replied: “Blah, blah, blah.” How soon can I remove those batteries...

This week... autumn nights and young kids means the X Factor and I’m already loving Sharon Osbourne... Go Jade!