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I’ve found myself plunged into a whole new world during the last few weeks. The world of keeping tropical fish. After months of telling my other half he could not have a fish tank as I didn’t want to be the one left looking after it when the novelty wears off his sister bought him a tank for his recent birthday. Setting up the tank for the arrival of the little fellas was okay, I left him to that once he’d done a bit of research. As the tank was left to filter through and heat up without any creatures in it, he mentioned that just watching the bubbles from the filter was quite theraputic. Cue the comment from me about maybe we don’t need the fish. No such luck though, he wasn’t buying it. After allowing the tank time to settle he insisted on going to get some fish. They’ve been part of the family for over a week now and they seem to have got used to each other and their new home. Their characters are starting to come out too. I’m a little scared to admit it on these pages, but turns out the fish are not so bad and I actually like the little critters. Now I’ve allowed fish a home, maybe I have some leverage to have kittens?

Animal watch: It was announced in the last week that Edinburgh Zoo’s koala Alinga has given birth to the first koala born in the UK. Everyone seems to have been so pre-occupied with the zoo’s panda, Tian Tian and whether she is, or isn’t pregnant, that the poor koalas were overlooked. The joey was born a few months ago, but stays within its mum’s pouch to develop as its tiny and bald when it’s born. Am I the only one that feels sorry for Alinga? Her little one is the first baby koala to be born in the UK, yet all the attention seems to be focused on an enclosure at the other side of the zoo where some black and white creature is “showing the right signs” of being pregnant. At least there is definitely a baby in ‘Koala Territory’ and it’s one I look forward to seeing.

This week...celebrated a friend’s 30th birthday...caught up on some sleep...failed to buy a new outfit for a friend’s wedding...