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Kevin McRoberts
Kevin McRoberts

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Election fever has apparently gripped by home town of Dunfermline following the resignation of disgraced wife beater Bill Walker from his role as the local MSP.

There’s certainly plenty of enthusiasm from the candidates and local party activitists, while the national media seems to believe a mini independence referendum is being held in the town.

On Dunfermline High Street on Saturday morning, the various parties were out in force, armed with leaflets, clipboards and balloons. But rather than canvassing support, a number of activists appeared more interested in which party had the greatest representation out in the street. They spoke amongst themselves comparing the number of people handing out yellow, red and blue flyers, while shoppers walked by unhindered.

Apart from supporters of political parties and the candidates, the only person I’ve actually heard talking about the election is a local postman.

He’s far from happy about the election material weighing down his postbag.

And he was particularly disgruntled on Saturday when his bumper-sized bag meant he didn’t finish his round until well into the afternoon, and he was too late to travel to watch the Pars playing at Forfar Athletic. However, going by the result, perhaps he now considers himself fortunate that he didn’t make the trip.

Game changer: It’s certainly a different experience following Dunfermline Athletic these days. You never know quite what’s going to happen from one week to the next. From my point of view, this column is a week too late, depriving me of the opportunity to wax lyrical about a stunning 5-1 success over Ayr United which included some of the best goals seen at East End Park in quite a while.

But then I suppose most football fans reading this paper won’t want to hear about that ... or even care.

This week ... took advantage of the family being out to play my Meatloaf ‘ Bat out of Hell’ LP at high volume on my old record player.