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Gordon Holmes
Gordon Holmes
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With Gordon Holmes

Well, it’s almost time for shepherds to once again wash their socks at night and gentlemen everywhere to get merry and then have a lie down...

Yes, even those of us with grinch-like leanings can’t have failed to notice that Crimbo is less than a month away (though you’d be hard pressed to realise walking down the High Street but let’s no go there...).

And as much as I try, I can’t ignore the fact I do have to actually buy stuff before the big day, I’m just finding it hard to get the motivation to do so.

It doesn’t help that S finished her Christmas shopping weeks ago (yes, well before December), and is chomping at the bit to get the wrapping paper, ribbons and bows out. In fact, she has given me a deadline when her wrapping service for my purchases will no longer be available and I will then have to fight the sticky tape monster all by myself (it’s not a pretty sight).

So, couple of hours in front of the computer it is then...

Click, buy, Merry Christmas!

I’m beginning to think we should have called Little Miss Holmes Monica (‘Friends’ fans will get the reference).

She may just be 19 months old but I’ve never seen a child so house proud and obsessed with tidiness! Anything left lying about that looks like it shouldn’t be there will be picked up and deposited in the bin - we’ve had to rescue all manner of objects and pieces of paper, not much fun when they’re covered in beans or cat food. Just hope she keeps it up and we don’t have to remind her when she’s asked to tidy her room!

Two TV programmes, same channel, same night - on one, a so-called ‘celebrity’ moaning that his bed in a ‘jungle’ was uncomfortable. On the other, the story of five families who spent 18 months living in caves to escape the Nazis during World War Two . Same planet, different world...

See the white paper on independence came... out... this... week... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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