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The FFP Christmas night took place last week, the major talking point being East Fife Mail community reporter Lori Cormack’s spectacular tumble in the St Clair Street car park. Being somewhat, ahem, vertically challenged she misjudged the height she could jump down from the street and ended up sprawled flat on her face in the pouring rain. Being the caring sort that I am, my first thought was that we were going to have to take her to hospital which would inconsiderately cut into my valuable drinking time, but she said she was fine, her only injury being “wet knees” from the rain. On further inspection the wetness turned out to be blood, but she bravely soldiered on. It’s only fair to point out that was completely sober at this point, though that would change by the end of the night. Mind you, having to listen to my drink-fuelled, rambling drivel would force anyone to knock back a glass or two of Christmas cheer. So thankfully it was only Lori’s pride that was seriously wounded, the knees now a minging combo of scratches, bruises and scabs. The car park was unavailable for comment.

Venue woe: I went to see The Wonder Stuff at the Picture House in Edinburgh last week and most excellent they were too. Supported by Jesus Jones (quite good) and Pop Will Eat Itself (abysmal), the gig came just days after it was announced that the venue was to close and is to become a Wetherspoons. Now I don’t actually mind Wetherspoons pubs, unlike many, but it’s the last thing that Lothian Road needs. The building itself has only been a concert venue for around five years, having been a string of nightclubs and also a cinema in the past, but it is a genuinely excellent venue and it’s a real shame to see it go. Edinburgh has precious few decent gig venues as it is and it will be missed.

This week....completed alll my Christmas shopping in one day.... went out for dinner to celebrate a family birthday...