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Allan Crow

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Ah 2014, you’ve finally arrived. What joys do you contain - and which path shall you send me spinning down?

I always look forward to New Year - I like the stillness of January, the slowing of the pace after a bonkers Christmas period.

The new year will also see me turn 50. I know, you’re looking at my pic and thinking ‘‘get away - you don’t even look 42’’ but truth is I’m still younger than Brad Pitt.

Our generation’s landmark anniversary celebrations started last month with a very long and very liquid lunch in Edinburgh and shall spin well into 2014 - assuming our bladders hold out, our livers don’t pack in, and we can get a comfy seat in a pub that isn‘t too noisy.

Not too much to ask for, is it?

I’m looking forward to the FP100 this year.
We’ve decided to chronicle the 100 greatest bands from this region, and what a fabulous stroll down memory lane it is turning out to be.

When I first joined the Press back in 1863 I wrote the ‘Talk of The Town’ column.

Back then, bands such as Scarlett Lies, The Receiving End, The Big Now, Summerfield Blues and Highlander all figured regularly along with the great boogie band, Spank The Plank. I also recall a wonderful ‘Battle Of The Bands event at Anthony’s Hotel - the first (and last) time I have stepped in as a judge! It’ll be interesting to see how many make our FP100...

Walked into HMV in the St James Centre ... and walked straight back out.

Can’t believe it no longer sells music - you know, old-fashioned CDs!

Thank goodness for FOPP in Rose Street with its eclectic stock and fabulous bargains (‘The Best of Seasick Steve’ for three quid? Oh I think so ...)

Makes me pine for all those second hand record shops ...

This week ... shopped, wrapped, ate, snoozed, drank, snoozed ... and not a single sprout passed my lips ...