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Maggie Millar
Maggie Millar
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by Maggie Millar

Prize turkey... that’s my official title for 2014 according to Sainsbury’s supermarket. To cut a long story short, I needed a wee burd for Christmas Day, spotted one on the shelf with a nice rinky dinky slice of orange on top and some chestnut stuffing - done. Checked out in a rush with the BIG shop, got home and then discovered said ruddy turkey cost £50! Yes, a budgie for four people was being sold at £33.33 per kg - a price Harrods would be hard pushed to beat. Surely a mistake. Called the supermarket who confirmed that, yes, this was the right price and, no, I couldn’t return it. A later email to customer services elicited the following response: “ I can confirm that it is due to the quality of the turkey the reason why the price is different.” In the end, did I Taste the Difference? Yes, it was the bitterest turkey I ever had to swallow albeit with no lingering left overs. A £4 chicken next year methinks...cheep cheep.

Amo Benedictus: A two year wait and then it was over all too quickly on Sunday night. I’m talking about Sherlock, of course. I reckon this series has to be the best programme put on telly by the BBC in years and I’m a big fan of Cumberbaby. Ooh, he’s so clever, so stylish, so devilish. Gay? Minor detail. Sociopath? Who cares!

Let it snow: There are very few advantages to the month of January. Nights are still long, festivities over, Sherlock’s departed etc. and it all gets a bit depressing... except for the fact that maybe, just maybe , I’ll be able to pull the sledges out of the shed and take the kids up to Glentarkie for a whizz down the slopes. We don’t really get summers in Scotland, so it’s only fair that we get a properly cold snowy winter. Alex, if you can guarantee us a regular dump each winter, you’ll get my vote in September.

This week... started planning the year ahead...goals include getting a decent nights’ kip (children allowing) and then another one.