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Paul McCabe
Paul McCabe
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I watched the film ‘Pitch Perfect’ the other night, better than you would think actually, which has a sub plot involving a young couple romantically bonding over the film ‘The Breakfast Club’. I casually mentioned that I’d never seen it, which received a gasp of utter horror from Mrs M who has insisted that I do so sooner rather than later. I’m happy to do so, but fair’s fair I reckon, somehow my wife has made it to adulthood without ever having sat through cinematic brilliance that is ‘Escape From New York’. How can this have possibly happened? So there we have it, somewhat of a mis-match. It’s going to be a bunch of whiny teenagers versus the one-man killing machine that is Snake Plisken. There can only be one winner.

Good people of Kirkcaldy, allow me to issue a public service announcement. Coming straight out of the Mercat there’s a little alleyway which will take you up to Hill Street and the bus station. Right at the top as you come out there’s a speedbump on the road. It’s not, and I repeat, not a little zebra crossing allowing you to career straight out into the road in front of cars being driven by still-sleepy reporters. It’s happened more than once and I issue this warning for their safety as much as yours. So, to recap, speedbump NOT crossing. Just sayin’. Ta.

Did you see the list of Kirkcaldy’s eyesores from the Council? Number one on mine was missing, the repulsive bundle of bricks that is the Dunnikier OAP Centre on the corner of Lauder and Dunnikier Roads. It’s a horrible looking thing, it’s falling to pieces and even the curtains look like they haven’t been changed since the 1940s. I pass it nearly every day and it never fails to elicit a scowl, plus in all the time I’ve lived up that way, just over eight years, I’ve never seen anyone going in and out. Trash it and build a new one.

This week: Cut the grass for (hopefully) the last time...Went blackberry picking in Dunnikier Park....Edinburgh for the Hearts match.