My Week - Debbie Clarke

Debbie Clarke, Fife Free Press
Debbie Clarke, Fife Free Press

Price rise: I was shocked when I learned about the rise in the cost of a postage stamp. I am not one to moan (usually!) about the cost of such things but that’s because it is about one or two pence of a difference. In this case a first class stamp is going up from 46p to 60p and a second class stamp from 36 to 50p! It’s hard enough in these difficult times to find extra money for foodstuffs without having to pay more for things like stamps.

Maybe it’s time to forget posting letters, birthday cards or cheques by post and get with the digital revolution i.e. sending a message by text, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail instead.

Lovely weather: Last week’s high temperatures took us all by surprise. I expected to maybe have a day or two of sunshine but for it to last a whole week was amazing!

Usually we get this kind of weather in April or May so it was lovely to have it earlier in March. The only thing that worries me is perhaps this week was our summer. I was able to enjoy a day or two of sunshine by heading to Glasgow and Edinburgh. It was nice to be able to walk around without a jacket on. I was even able to enjoy a whippy ice cream cone! This is something I never thought I would be eating outdoors in March! Hopefully though this won’t be the last of the sunshine and more will be heading our way. It won’t be long now until the Links Market rolls into town and it would be nice if we could get some warm weather for that. If not, I hope the temperatures rise again in the summer - preferably when I am off work so I can enjoy it!

Good choice: I was delighted to hear that Lorraine Kelly has landed a new job as host on the Daybreak couch. All I can say is - about time too! I have thought she was the obvious choice all along. It seems to have taken a while to replace the disastrous Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles so this is welcome news. She won’t be onscreen really early though as she has arranged with bosses not to appear on air until seven o’clock. She will also host the final hour of the show herself. Good for her! I love watching Lorraine in the morning when I am off. She is very good at interviewing on telly and makes it look really easy. And of course she is Scottish so what more could you ask for?

This week ...enjoyed an evening out with friends, arranged a family meal and bought a couple of Easter eggs