My Week - with Allan Crow

Allan Crow, Fife Free Press
Allan Crow, Fife Free Press

Bad sport: THE Boat Race is pretty irrelevant in the great scheme of things, but no sportsman deserves to have their day sabotaged.

These guys trained six hours a day, six days a week for seven months only to see the race halted because some idiot jumped into the river.

He could have been seriously injured - he actually ducked below the oars as the flotilla screeched to a halt - and his actions totally destroyed what was a dramatic sporting event.

The protestor - no, I couldn’t care less what point he was trying to make - was as selfish and self-centred as a streaker who bounds across a golf green, or a fan who invades a football pitch.

Sport is all about concentration, focus and application.

Whether it’s the Boat Race or an Old Firm derby - two very different two horse races, granted - players build up momentum and don’t deserve to have that wrecked by an outside influence.

If the bampot jumps in the water next year can I suggest they simply carry on? Let him take his chances...

Poor service: I WAS in Leeds for a meeting last week.

The train back was rammed. I had an open ticket and a seat but there were so many people standing I couldn’t get down the aisle, so I stood with my colleagues who were booked on a later service - a fact the conductor noted when checking tickets.

Mr Grumpy Chops pointed out they should really travel on the train they were allocated, adding it was ‘‘people like you who cause overcrowding.’’

When it was suggested maybe more carriages would solve the issue, he threatened to chuck ‘em off! It was a performance worthy of winning any Bad Service Award!

What the beep?: WONDERING where that strange beep-beep sound is coming from in the High Street? It’s a faulty security barrier at the entrance to Shoezone, and it’s been beep-beeping every 15-20 seconds every day for what must seem like an eternity to the staff. I wouldn’t blame them if they all came in wearing ear muffs to obliterate the noise!

I do hope it is fixed in a much quicker timescale than the dodgy door at Costa ... yup the one that clangs every time because it’s now permanently locked.

If there’s a handyman looking for work in town ...

This week ... realised the balcony handrail needed its annual varnish. Luckily it rained. Job delayed. Book opened ...