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Allan Crow
Allan Crow
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Crowded house: INTERESTING to see how attendances at Fife Flyers are currently better than those at Stark’s Park.

Last time that happened, Jimmy Nicholl actually went to the rink to see for himself. I wonder what the current board are thinking as they sit with 1000 freezing souls while, up in the Gallatown, Flyers are pulling in circa 1400, and that’s on an average night. They can - and, in my view, should, top 2000 as standard.

Is it just a blip? or is there a bit of a sea change going on?

Or are Flyers simply reaping the rewards of a lot of hard work in the community - work that, sad to say, I don’t see Rovers matching visit for visit.

In the old days many fans went to both Rovers and Flyers on a Saturday, but that doesn’t happen any more. Admission money alone would be over £30 for one person, and anyone taking the kids along would be looking at a £100 day out.

Leaving aside the Celtic game, Rovers need to figure out where those missing fans have gone ... and start winning them back.

Walk on: I’M in training. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d type.

As a lifelong sloth who retired from all physical activity circa 1981 - a few games of snooker and two rounds of golf in 25 years probably don’t count as a training programme - I’m looking at doing a big sponsored walk.

It’s not until later this year but I have been handed a training schedule by a pal who does triathlons. That kinda scuppered my plan which was to turn up on day one with my trainers under my arm, a Mars Bar in my rucksack and say ‘‘okay, let’s roll.’’

Apparently that’s not the best approach. All shall be revealed soon, so feel free to sponsor me by the mile, the wheeze or even how many times I keel over.

Silly parker: HOW long do you think you could park in the pedestrianised zone without getting a ticket?
A couple of hours? Half a day?
The answer is four days - yup, FOUR days. One motorist did just that without so much as a second glance. He then did it again and got two tickets. Anyone top that?

Horse power: GOT the album from Horse - it’s absolutely fabulous.

And her show at Beveridge Park Hotel last week was quite magnificent.

This week ... engrossed in ‘The Good Father’ about a dad trying to come to terms with fact his son assassinated the next president