My Week - with Allan Crow

Allan Crow
Allan Crow
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I am now a Mojo - a mobile journalist capable of writing anywhere, anytime. Living proof you can teach old dogs some new tricks.

A mojo is the ‘cool’ name given to journalists who work outwith the office - I accept it sounds a lot cooler if you’re based in downtown LA in the Californian sunshine than it does if you’re in the press box at Stark’s Park , but the idea is the same.

We can file reports, shoot video, and upload the entire kit and caboodle from wherever we happen to be - assuming we find a wi-fi hot-spot.

Our training videos consisted of us filming each other as they filmed us - but before you snigger at our uselessness, I can recall day one of PC training when people were picking up their mouse and waving it in the air to try to make it work.

To a generation of IT-literate kids that probably sounds quite tragic, but this was the 80s ... and no, I didn’t do it.

Below Par: Sorry to see Dunfermline Athletic relegated.

However poorly the club has been run - and it has - their demotion to Division Two will hurt Raith Rovers.

The Fife derby was a big draw at the gate, and it’s one that promoted Alloa won’t fill.

Dundee coming down will help, but this is a big loss to the league and Rovers.

Closures: Sorry to see ‘‘closing down’’ posters plastered across the windows of Shoe Zone.

They piled ‘em high and sold them cheap, so much so you don’t even get an old-fashioned shoe box.

It’s another departure from the High Street, and that simply underlines we have to do a lot more locally to re-shape our town centre.

Great gig: Caught Chris Ramsey at a sold out Adam Smith on Saturday - superb!

A great set from a genuinely talented comedian.