My Week - with Debbie Clarke

Debbie Clarke, Fife Free Press
Debbie Clarke, Fife Free Press

Christmas shopping: WELL I am happy to report that all my Christmas shopping is nearly done. I have most of the bigger items bought, I just have a select few stocking fillers to find which isn’t a bad position to be in. I still have to buy wrapping paper and cards but I figure I still have time to do that. I am looking forward to a Christmas shopping trip with the family this weekend so hopefully I might get the last few bits and pieces then. I was horrfied recently to hear of a few people who have not only bought their Christmas gifts but have them all wrapped up as well! While we are on the subject of Christmas, everyone seems to be going on about a certain new television advert for a large department store which features a snowman. In the ad the snowman travels over hills, roads and even gets peltered with snowballs in his quest to buy a hat and scarf for his beloved from said department store. Apparently people have been in tears after seeing this advert. I have to say I must have a heart made of stone because it didn’t move me at all!

Winter wedding: I WILL have to get my thinking cap on soon. A good friend of mine is getting married at the end of next month and I still haven’t figured out what to wear to her wedding! I am trying to decide whether it is worth buying something new or whether I should just look out something from the back of the wardrobe. Of course as well as a dress, you also have to see if you have shoes to match and it will have to be something fairly warm because I am sure it will be cold at the end of December!

Good Television: IT’S that time of year again and one of my favourite programmes is back on the box - “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here”. I have to say I do enjoy watching the celebrities being put through their paces - whether it be trying to pick up stars from boxes full of insects, being locked in a coffin-like structure filled with rats or eating grubs and worse! I like watching how people interact with each other - who gets on well and who gets on everyone’s nerves. I look forward to seeing who gets voted off first and watching them struggle in the various trials. However I think the best bit about the show is the pairing of Geordie duo Ant and Dec. They are hilarious with their comments and observations of the celebs in the camp. It will be interesting to see who is crowned king or queen of the jungle this year! I would put an early bet on Charlie Brooks aka Janine from Eastenders.

This week: Made a trip to the cinema, planned a girls night in and enjoyed a takeaway