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Debbie Clarke
Debbie Clarke
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Happy February: I’M glad January is finally over. Why is it always such a depressing month? Everyone is usually skint in January and just getting back to normal after the Christmas festivities. But I can happily say that I’m glad to be out of January and into February. It means we are one step closer to Spring! Already I am looking forward to my week off in April. I haven’t decided how I am going to spend it yet but hopefully the weather will be warmer so I can get out and about a bit more. At the moment it’s still too cold to venture out unless you have to.

Cinema outings: I HAVE decided to visit the cinema more often this year. There are already a few films out at the moment which I really fancy. The new Denzel Washington movie ‘Flight’ has been given really good reviews and ‘Lincoln’ has had several Oscar nominations. The only problem I find with the cinema is it’s quite expensive. If you can’t manage to get a special offer on tickets it can cost nearly £10 per person and that is without buying soft drinks and popcorn or sweets which can end up costing another £10. It certainly isn’t cheap. But it is the perfect place to be on cold nights and it is fab to watch a film on the big screen. It’s just unfortunate you have to share it with other people!

Nights in: I HAVE come to the conclusion that staying in is the new going out. With money being tight, I prefer to have a night in with friends rather than going out on the town. It is much cheaper to go round to a friend’s house for dinner and take a bottle of wine than go to a pub or club. At this time of year as well the weather isn’t great so I would rather spend time being cosy indoors than getting dressed up and walking the streets in the freezing cold! There aren’t the same distractions either. At least if you are in someone’s house you get the chance to have a good chat without struggling to hear each other over loud music. Perhaps this is an age thing rather than saving money!

Six Nations: I AM going to try and make a concentrated effort to watch some rugby this month. It’s really popular apparently! I have to say I don’t really understand the rules or know exactly what’s going on but it is quite entertaining. It’s always good to support the home team even though you know they don’t stand a chance of winning - it’s just the fun of taking part.

This week ...caught up with friends and watched ‘Rock of Ages’ on DVD