My Week - with Fiona Purnell

Fiona Purnell, Fife Free Press
Fiona Purnell, Fife Free Press
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Slippery slope: I’VE spoken about my latest interest in exploring the great outdoors. I’ve already ticked off a large part of the Coastal Path, however I recently decided on a different venture - stepping away from the coast and instead a climb of one of the Kingdom’s hills. No, not the Lomonds, although they are on my list, but instead a steep climb up Largo Law. The day we climbed it it was a little grey overhead, but most importantly for me, dry. I should have thought about how the weather had been in the days leading up to that one, but it didn’t cross my mind - until I was trying to negotiate my way up the steep steep ascent. My trusty hiking boots turned on me, they were no longer my friends - caked in mud they were determined to see me slip back down the hill without reaching the top. Well, they didn’t succeed. Although I did end up with a bit of mud on my knees, I made it both up and down the Law in one piece.

Animal antics: IT’S been a bit of a week for animals being ‘on the loose’. First there was the tale of a scarlet ibis called Cherry escaping from her enclosure in Edinburgh Zoo thanks to a little help from a squirrel chewing through the mesh. Zoo staff and animal welfare officers were tracking her around the city before capturing her and returning her to the zoo days later. Then, on Monday morning we hear reports of a lion - yes, a lion - prowling around Essex. Alleged big cat sightings are fairly common around the country - usually though it’s a big black cat people have seen. Police officers called in experts from a local zoo and spent a considerable amount of time searching for the creature, including using not one, but two helicopters, with thermal imaging cameras. But surprise surprise (we could all have guessed) they called off their search later on Monday afternoon after no trace of a big cat was found.

Indian summer: I’M sure I’m not alone in hoping for an Indian summer. We’ve had a miserable time of it lately in terms of the weather. There’s been the odd nice, dry day (some even sunny), but it’s not been a glorious summer as we’d all have hoped. Fingers crossed the weather improves for September and there’s a few more rays of sunshine around before the nights really start to draw in.

This week ... Enjoyed a family birthday celebration ... bade farewell to festival time in Edinburgh ...