My Week - with Fiona Purnell

Fiona Purnell
Fiona Purnell
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Free-falling: IT was a strange afternoon/evening on Sunday as I found myself glued to the computer screen waiting for a man to jump from ‘the edge of space’. Yes, I was among the millions across the world tuning in to see Felix Baumgartner falling from the sky. After two hours on the up, it took just a matter of minutes to land safely back on solid ground with what looked like a perfect landing. He could just have done a regular skydive from a plane, but no, this man had actually jumped from 24 miles up and broken the speed of sound. Who knows what was going through his head as he stood on the tiny ledge outside his capsule, saluting before his jump. My stomach turned and my heart was racing as he leapt, and I was just sitting on my sofa. I still can’t get over the fact he did it - part of me thinks he was incredibly brave, the other thinks a little crazy. But, either way, well done to the Austrian for making a piece of history and something so incredible to watch.

Slow moving: SUNDAY was all about space. I couldn’t help but chuckle over my cornflakes as I watched an item on the news about the Space Shuttle Endeavour. The craft, which has circled the Earth 4700 times, was making its journey - through the streets of LA - to its final destination at the California Science Center. The TV images showed the shuttle moving (really? didn’t look like it) at 2mph and according to the report more than 400 trees were cut, traffic lights removed and buildings ‘trimmed’ to allow it to be trundled along on a transporter. Bizarre. British Airways’ recent online site which let you put in your postcode and see a Boeing aeroplane go down your street was one thing, but fancy looking out your window and actually seeing a space shuttle passing by! I hope Endeavour will be happy in her new home.

Crash landing: There’s definitely a theme emerging here... After watching ‘The Plane Crash’ documentary I was a little disappointed. The programme itself was interesting. It’s just I - and I’m sure I’m not alone in this - was hoping they’d be able to come up with a definitive answer of where you should sit on a plane to have the best chance of survival. Doesn’t look like there’s an answer to that, your fate all depends on if you’re in whatever part of the plane that hits the ground first.

This week: started Christmas shopping...booked a holiday...