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Fiona Purnell
Fiona Purnell
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Sporting dream: IT’S been a busy time of rugby over the past month. Living in a house where it is the sport of choice, there’s often little option but to watch. The Six Nations is now drawing to an end and I have to say it’s been quite an enjoyable one to watch. There’s been a few surprises this year - France’s poor performances, particularly that loss to Italy for one. On Sunday I thought the Italians were about to upset England’s chances of the Grand Slam. But sadly they failed to close the points gap and with it failed to silence commentator Brian Moore with his usual English bias. Judging by their performance in this year’s competition there’s no doubt the Italians have been working hard on their game and are no longer simply a pushover. That title seems to remain one that’s saved for Scotland (most of the time). Although putting in our best performance in recent years, there’s still a lot of work to be done with too many silly errors being made. It’s been nice to see us sitting in the top half of the table. Maybe next year we’ll get to the very top. Then again, maybe I should just keep dreaming ...

Crime drama: SUNDAY and Monday evenings saw me settle down on the sofa to watch the BBC1 crime drama ‘Shetland’. Don’t worry if you’ve got it recorded on the box, I won’t give the plot away. Although perfectly watchable, the programme, based on Ann Cleeves’ book ‘Red Bones’, wasn’t an outstanding creation. It did however present some lovely scenery and made me contemplate whether I could bring myself to live on the Scottish islands. The remoteness appeals, along with the scenery and fresh, clean air. What’s not so appealing is probably fairly obvious... the weather! We often think we’ve got it bad, but on an island up north it’s going to be a lot rougher than down here.

Snow joke: LAST week it looked as if spring had sprung, but the white stuff that fell from the sky on Sunday and Monday seems to be saying otherwise. We’d all been fooled by those days of clear blue skies and sunshine and given it’s March we thought the snowy days were behind us. Clearly not so. Fingers crossed that this time that’s it over and done with. Bring on the summer.

This week ... Bought some new shoes ... planned a trip up north... met up with friends for lunch...