My Week - with Gordon Holmes

Gordon Holmes, Fife Free Press
Gordon Holmes, Fife Free Press

Pedal power: THAT was an amazing sight on Tuesday, watching dozens of racing bikes flying round the streets of the town centre.

Full credit to the Council for bringing such a major event to Kirkcaldy and yes, while it was an inconvenience for many, it was only one day and brought a lot of people into the town.

But still people complained, of course, it wouldn’t be Fife if they didn’t, and it seems no matter what is tried to show Kirkcaldy in a positive light, there will always be someone wanting to shoot it down and hoping it fails.

Perhaps we should just give up and let the High Street wither and die.

Over the hype: ACCORDING to a recent survey, there is apparently a substantial percentage of people in Britain who haven’t been caught up in the Olympic hype - and I happily admit I’m one of them.

Okay, so the Games are in London but they would be as well being in Ulan Bator as I was as likely to be able to go there as down south.

I’m as sports daft as anyone but I’m happy to watch what I want, when I can, with the best view, on television.

And let’s face it, unless you have an interest in a specific sport, your casual viewer will watch the athletics... and not much else.

I know someone who was thrilled they got a ticket to the 100m final for around £200, which equates to about £20 per second of action - and they’ll have to watch it on the big screen in the stadium to see who wins!

Anyway, I need to strike a deal with my sport-hating other half so I can watch Euro 2012 (THE big summer event for me), so the Olympics are likely to be sacrificed.

New shoes: SHOPPING and I are not happy bedfellows - I am genetically incapable of deriving pleasure from the experience - and the stress is magnified ten-fold when it comes to trying to buy stuff for myself, especially clothing.

This week I needed a new pair of shoes for work, of the everyday, hard wearing, cheap variety - simple enough you would think? No, by shop number six, I just stood staring blankly at the rows of footwear, my vision a blur of black (imitation) leather.

So I write this while still wearing my split, scraped to bits shoes and I’ll have to try again this weekend - I may not survive...

This week ... Watched - ‘Super’: Incredibly violent comedy; Listened to - ‘Other People’s Problems’ by The Upper Room: A rediscovered joy