My Week - with Gordon Holmes

Gordon Holmes, Fife Free Press
Gordon Holmes, Fife Free Press
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City break: WITH the vast majority of my time these days taken up with either work or parenthood (and mostly the former!), it doesn’t leave a lot of room for anything else, so it was nice to be able to spend a Saturday in Edinburgh recently, loosely under the premise of a day out for my brother’s birthday.

There was a large group of his friends and work colleagues and it was good to catch up with people and make new acquaintances. I even met a relation of mine for the first time (hi Kirsty!).

Even though I lived two years in the capital while at uni, there are many areas of it I don’t know that well, so it was good to spend the evening away from the usual night spots - in places where you could sit down and have adult conversation without having to shout (well, as adult as it gets for us at least!).

What did strike me was the number of young women who got on the train at Kirkcaldy and other stations along the way, dressed to the nines and out for a good time, at 2.00 p.m.!

I thought there was something special on in Edinburgh but I was reliably informed this is the norm of a weekend, which left this old bloke admiring their stamina and wondering if anyone goes out in Kirkcaldy any more.

Kicking off: CAN’T believe another football league season kicks off on Saturday already and after events over the summer, that’s probably a relief to all concerned.

Only Scottish football could make itself look so incompetent and disorganised but perhaps we can now get back to just moaning about the rubbish on the pitch!

We’ll see how this ‘sell out Saturday’ idea plays out but I fear it may have been bluster and hot air and I don’t think anyone seriously expects the lower league clubs to fill their grounds.

What we do need is crowds increasing on average throughout the season and for every club to survive within their means so that the gloom and doom merchants predicting Armageddon are proven to be the idiots they are.

On the fringe: FOR whatever reason I have never been to a show at the Edinburgh Festival. This apparently is the equivalent of never seeing the sun rise or smelling freshly baked bread going by the over the top reverence some people seem to hold it in.

False idols: I’VE resisted playing Devil’s Advocate on the Olympics for fear of being strung up for treason, but I just wonder when this ‘feel good’ factor everyone keeps harping on about is going to hit me..?

This week ... listened to the exellent new albums from Amy MacDonald and Keane... tentatively started looking for a new car...