My Week - with Gordon Holmes

Gordon Holmes, Fife Free Press
Gordon Holmes, Fife Free Press

Dress down: IT’S that time of year when small children waste their time knocking on my door in the forlorn hope I might answer it and give them sort of monetary reward.

I’ve never liked Hallowe’en, not for any religious or supernatural reason, or that it has become just an (expensive) imitation of the American celebration, more the fact that I can’t stand fancy dress. Okay, it might be fun for kids, but I’ve never understood the appeal of grown-ups wearing ridiculous costumes, unless playing a part on stage of course, just to go out.

And as for fireworks...

Back in time: MADE my first visit to Central Park, Cowdenbeath for the first time in a few years on Saturday for the Rovers game - and it’s fair to say it’s not changed much, or at least not for the better...

It’s a unique venue, set up for the stock cars with football an afterthought, and it played host to what can only be described as a game of four quarters, resulting in the worst 4-4 draw you are ever likely to see.

Still, it gave ample ammunition for the managers in the stand to educate us all with their wisdom, including some fine examples of my favourite justification of why their views are ‘right’ - “I’ve been watching Rovers for 50 years you know..”

And I’ve been eating for 45 years but I still don’t know how to cook...

No yolk: TALKING of cooking, I had a small triumph at the weekend when I made myself scrambled eggs for the first time. That’s not going to get me on Masterchef I know but for someone who has neither the patience nor desire to slave over a hot stove (though I do make a fabulous Welsh Rarebit...), it was quite an accomplishment, especially as I had to endure the incredulity on S’s face when I asked her how you made it.

Dishing out: TALKING of kitchens (sort of), I’ve now realised that if I make it to purgatory, my punishment is going to be standing at a sink washing dishes for ever more. Sometimes it feels like I’m already there!

Star struck: SO singer Sarah Brightman is training to be a ‘space tourist’ on the International Space Station in 2014? Maybe she finally really did lose her heart to a starship trooper...

This week: Listened to: New Paloma Faith album (good); Read - ‘Snuff’ by Terry Pratchett (fabulous); Watched - Sherlock Holmes 2 (better than the first one)