My Week - with Gordon Holmes

Gordon Holmes, Fife Free Press
Gordon Holmes, Fife Free Press

Heir apparent: ONCE upon a time a pretty little girl called Katherine told her mummy she wanted to marry a prince when she grew up.

“Why is that dear?” her mummy asked.

“Cos when I have a baby I want every single second of my pregnancy recorded, analysed, debated and fawned over until even the people who have better things to worry about in their lives, are suffering from morning sickness too...”

Okay, I’m being facetious and I’m sure Kate was aware of what she was letting herself in for when she married into the ‘family’, but can we just rein in the madness a little please.

I’m happy for them and hope everything goes well but I don’t want to read or hear about every detail over the next seven months or so.

Pregnancy has its ups and downs whether you are privileged or not, and to go through it in the full glare of publicity must just add to the stress.

As for William, well, as someone who has been there twice in recent years, my advice would be to be supportive, agree with everything, and at the moment of truth, stand well back - and watch in awe...

Musical youth: I LOVE music and as I advance through my 40s (and no, that pic wasn’t taken 10 years ago), I find myself revisiting the songs and bands of my formative years far more frequently.

I happily admit to being completely ignorant of what is currently popular and haven’t heard of at least two-thirds of the ‘artists’ in the charts.

So it is fortunate for me, and the many like me, that there are groups from the 70s/80s still going strong and touring.

Already for 2013, I have gigs lined up for James, Echo & the Bunnymen and the mighty OMD, the musical Oil of Ulay for my tired old soul.

And it’s just as well. This week I read that Olly Murs has had four number one singles and three number one albums.

The dire state of British popular music summed up in one sentence...

And finally: OVERHEARD in a town centre shop this week, the true spirit of Christmas.

Woman talking to her young son: “No ye canny go tae see Santa again, I’ve only enough money left for ma vodka...”

Have a good one...

This week ... Did most of my Christmas shopping - online ... Went to the dentist... Spent the last of last year’s Christmas money...