My Week - with Gordon Holmes

Gordon Holmes
Gordon Holmes

Screen gems: I DON’T get to the cinema very often these days so you have to choose well when you do get the chance, and I’ve certainly done that the last twice.

The two films I have seen on the big screen in the last six months are ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ and ‘Les Miserables’, which have both garnered eight Oscar nominations each.

The former was an unheralded gem with terrific acting, a sharp, funny script and one of the best dance scenes ever in a movie!

As for ‘Les Mis’, there aren’t enough superlatives to describe how majestic it is, suffice to say S was in tears most of the way through (and she normally only cries when animals are involved...), and it recieved a round of applause from the audience at the end!

And here’s a wee trivia question for you: ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ is the first film for 30 years to gain Oscar nominations in all four acting categories. What was the last film to do so? (answer below).

Air fare: READ this week that KLM has been voted by passengers as serving the best airline food.

Well I for one would heartily endorse that given my experience with the Dutch flyer. Ten years ago I flew to Chicago with KLM, my first long haul flight and I don’t think I was without food or drink for the entire duration of the journey! And it was all edible. We even got pizza as a snack! It did kind of spoil me for other airlines who have never quite come up to scratch since but good to see KLM’s standards are still high.

Mono vision: SO 13,000 people in the UK still have a black and white TV licence... really?

Ignoring the fact they would need a digital set top box to be able to watch at all these days, apart from collectors and nostalgia geeks, are there that many mono sets still around?

I know I’m cynical but I smell something somewhat dubious with that claim given the £96.50 difference in the colour and b&w licence fee!

Sad demise: FOR the first time in a number of years I didn’t receive gift tokens for HMV for Christmas, and on Saturday bought four CDs for £16 in their sale. Others haven’t been so fortunate. Who knows what will be next.

This week ... Started reading history of the ‘Hatfields and McCoys’ - fascinating... finally finished my Christmas chocolate (hello diet)...

Trivia answer: ‘Reds’ (1982)