My Week - with Gordon Holmes

Gordon Holmes
Gordon Holmes

Sick note: IS it just me, or are there a lot more bugs and viruses doing the rounds at the moment?

I’ve been nursing a cold since the weekend and I don’t think I remember a period when so many people I know have been afflicted with one thing or another - family, friends, work colleagues, all struck down with various ailments.

In fact, if there is anyone out there who has been completely healthy since the turn of the year, congratulations!

Why should this be? Some will blame it on people not taking enough precautions to prevent the spread of germs, while there’s the old school theory that modern life has become too clean and sanitised and folk aren’t able to develop resistance as germs mutate into new strands.

Or perhaps people simply don’t have time to let colds and bugs stop their lives and so are in contact with others when they probably should be quarantined at home.

Sad song: MINDY McCready will not be that well-known a name over here, outside of staunch country music fans. I had only vaguely heard of her until I read this week about how she arrived in Nashville as a teenager with tapes of her singing karaoke and landed a record deal which made her a huge star of the genre with No1 singles and a million selling album; how she struggled to handle success and personal problems that plagued her; and how on Sunday, the 37-year-old mother of two killed herself with a shot to the head. A tragic story of the downside of fame, a true life country song.

Show joke: Apart from sport, ‘Hollyoaks’ (guilty pleasure) and a few excellent US comedies/dramas, I have neither the time nor inclination to watch anything else on television. In fact, the vast majority of the abysmal programme output these days seems to feature the kind of people I would avoid at all costs in the real world and certainly don’t want to spend time with in my own home.

So it was with depressing inevitability that an e-mail arrived at FFP Towers last week looking for people to appear in a new programme - about people who watch too much television.

The bottom of the barrel scraping has come full circle...

This week... Pre-ordered new OMD album... Started watching ‘Nashville’ on More4... Coughed, a lot...