My week - with Gordon Holmes

Gordon Holmes
Gordon Holmes

MAY was the month of the pox in our household.

The chicken variety that is.

Offspring number one was first to contract the virus but apart from a couple of days under the weather, he wasn’t too bad and the spots were fairly spread out and not too plentiful.

He ‘kindly’ then passed it on to his 13-month old sister and that was a different story.

She didn’t so much have chicken pox as the entire hen house and I doubt there was a square inch of her that didn’t have a spot somewhere - they only seemed to get itchy at bedtime as well, which meant no sleep for her or her bleary eyed parents for a few nights.

Thankfully, she’s now on the mend but she might be going to school before all the spot marks finally disappear!

Stage fright: I imagine anyone who likes music has a favourite band or performer, who they would go that extra mile to see, or that extra pound to buy merchandise relating to them.

As a child of the late 70s/early 80s, mine was then and always will be synth-pop masters OMD. I’ve been to Dublin, Liverpool and most points inbetween to see them live, and in July will tackle one of my great taboos to watch them on stage again - the music festival.

I have refused to even contemplate such an event as I abhor large crowds of people (yes, that’s why I watch the Rovers ...), and I would not spend money on bands I have no interest in hearing.

But OMD are headlining Rewind Scotland so for them, I am facing my fears - and confident that at an 80s festival most of the crowd will be older than me and I’ll fit right in!

Cup memories: I still remember the day in 1975 when I was with my dad at Hampden Park as Glenrothes won the Scottish Junior Cup in front of a huge crowd.

Sad to see then, that the showpiece final has been reduced to a Sunday evening on BBC Alba and played at Livingston. It may have been a ‘packed’ Almondvale (there’s a first) but to restore the final’s status as a big game, surely it needs to return to the national stadium.