My Week - with Kevin McRoberts

Kevin McRoberts, Fife Free Press
Kevin McRoberts, Fife Free Press
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Football feast: I ENJOYED the feast of football on offer on TV on Saturday as Hearts destroyed their city rivals Hibs in the Scottish Cup final, followed by Chelsea’s victory from Bayern Munich in the Champions League. Hibs were absolutely dire and Hearts thoroughly deserved their victory.

I don’t follow either Edinburgh side, but I was happy to see the Jambos triumph in the final.

I had to take my daughter to an athletics competition at Meadowbank Stadium on the Sunday and, had Hibs won, this would have coincided with their trophy parade around the streets in the same area, causing traffic chaos.

As it was, the celebrations were at the other end of the city, and we only saw a few Hearts fans on our way home. Result!

Crumbling legacy: TALKING of Meadowbank Stadium, what a sad, dilapidated arena it is these days.

The main stand is a weather-beaten and depressing concrete structure, while the wooden benches in the open areas surrounding the track are worn, crumbling and likely to leave you with splinters in your backside. The stadium has twice hosted the Commonwealth Games, in 1970 and 1986, but there’s no great lasting legacy here. I can’t really believe the London Olympic stadium will be in a similar sorry state in 25 years time.

Monstrous craze: I’VE a five-year-old daughter who is hooked on Moshi Monsters. It’s a social networking online game targeted at children.

The players adopt and care for pet monsters, solve puzzles and earn rewards. Apparently it’s played by one in three British children, so obviously there’s a range of merchandising, including little toy characters called Moshlings.

They come in see-through packs – but there’s one ‘surprise’ character hidden in the corner.

Most kids content themselves by poking the pack to try to work out the hidden gem, but many are burst open and left on the shelves.

One shop owner, who now keeps the packs behind the counter, even caught a couple of parents opening the packs. Great example to the younger generation!

This week ... Enjoyed a long lie on Saturday morning as my son’s football season is now finished; Inspired by last week’s Halfords Tour race to get my old bike out of the shed.