My Week - with Kevin McRoberts

Kevin McRoberts
Kevin McRoberts

Lazy morning: CHRISTMAS is a time of traditions, and up and down the country on Christmas morning, no doubt many kids were up in the early hours of the morning, desperate to find out what delights Santa had left for them. Unable to contain their excitement, children are well known for bounding into their parents’ bedroom at four or five in the morning. But not in our house. Incredibly, none of our three children have ever got up on Christmas morning without being woken by their parents first (and the oldest is now 15!). As a family, we all attend church on Christmas morning - something of a dying tradition, now less popular on Christmas Day than online shopping - but in order to make it on time, their mum and I always end up having to wake the kids up so they can open their presents before we head out. Once they were up, though, they certainly made up for lost time, with sackfuls of presents all ripped open within 10 minutes.

Sales extravaganza: A NOVELTY for me this year was the tradition of going shopping at the sales on Boxing Day. In truth it was really just an excuse to go out for a walk, but we wandered into town and in and out of a few high street shops. From what I saw, this was generally an activity enjoyed mostly by teenagers, who marched from shop to shop in groups of at least four with numerous bags in each hand. I joined in this buying frenzy ... and splashed out £1 on a pack of batteries.

Rotten refs: A MUCH more pleasurable Boxing Day tradition – depending on the final result, of course – is attending a football match, and as a Dunfermline Athletic supporter, our clash with bitterest rivals Falkirk was a much anticipated occasion. Unfortunately, as many football fans will no doubt agree, there’s now a tradition in Scottish football for refs to be rotten, with inconsistent and poor decisions having as much, if not a greater, influence on the outcome of the match than the performance of the two teams taking part. Leaving East End Park after losing to a gut-wrenching last-minute goal, all the talk was about the referee’s performance which, at best, left many fans bemused, and others, well, let’s just say they were a bit annoyed. However, I realise this is probably the wrong paper for a Pars fan to be seeking for sympathy from the readers ...

This week ... I’m enjoying the last few days of quiet roads before the schools go back.