My Week - with Lori Cormack

Lori Cormack
Lori Cormack
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Driving me crazy: I was pretty pleased with myself this weekend. I drove all the way to Perth and back, all alone with no Sat Nav. Okay, there will be lots of you reading this thinking ‘So what?’ but believe me, for me, this is an achievement. I hate driving. I rarely go out of Fife. So I have to admit I was quite proud when I arrived home safe and sound after meeting a uni friend for a catch-up. Aside from the nervous trip there and back, it was a lovely afternoon. We had lots to chat about having not seen each other since June and now that I know I can get there in one piece, I’m sure we’ll be meeting up again soon, because as all you women out there know, a two and a half hour gossip sesh is never long enough.

Sibling bonding: It was the firework display in Glenrothes on Saturday night and I had resolved myself to the sad thought that I wasn’t going to see it, thanks to my mum and step-dad being away in St Andrews and my boyfriend working til 10.00 p.m. But I got a shock upon my return from Perth - my younger brother had declined an invite from his friends and was free to accompany me. I rushed him out the door before he could change his mind and the fireworks were great - even if we did only see half of them from behind a massive tree.

More gossip: It’s been a busy week for catch-ups, as I met with some school friends on Monday night. We always seem to leave it too long and before you know it, it’s been months since you last saw each other. Sadly it wasn’t the full group, but it was great to see most of them and eat lots - and I mean LOTS - of chocolate.

Heaven: Talking of chocolate, I can’t seem to escape it this week. No, before you ask, that isn’t a problem at all. There’s still some mini Marsbars and Twixes lying in our kitchen from Hallowe’en last week and sadly I just don’t have the willpower to completely ignore them. Plus, I got quite the shock on Saturday night when my boyfriend arrived home with a box of Milk Tray. He’s well rehearsed in this area though - he knows he’ll never see that box again until all of the nutty ones are left - which I don’t eat of course.

Too early: Speaking of Hallowe’en, now that it’s over and Guy Fawkes night is just a burn mark on the grass, I suppose it’s time to think about Christmas eh? No, you’re right, that can wait for at least another three weeks...

This week: Started watching One Tree Hill Season six on DVD; watched the movie Contraband (really good)