My Week - with Lori Cormack

Lori Cormack
Lori Cormack
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Big night out: Yup, it’s Christmas nights out time. This week I have already been to two, and the Press office hasn’t even been out yet (that’s tomorrow - watch out folks). Saturday night was the Glenrothes New Look girls night out. We took over an entire function room all to ourselves and I can safely say we made good use of that dance floor. Gangnam Style anyone? And on Monday, it was my night out with the girls which we do every year. It’s amazing we even get any food because we spend so much time gabbing that we forget to look at our menus. In the end though we had a lovely meal with a large side plate of gossip. Long may the tradition continue!

Commendable carol: Also have to tell you that I went to see ‘A Christmas Carol’ at the Old Kirk last Friday and it was, for want of a better word, spectacular. I have honestly never been to anything like it - the actors are in character from the moment you walk in, and you can actually imagine you are in Scrooge’s stuffy office, right down to the smell of the wood on the fire. In the words of Gary Barlow, absolutely fantastic.

Delivery woes: I can’t quite believe it but I may actually be finished my Christmas shopping... well, I say finished but that doesn’t mean I actually have all of the presents. Some of them are still making their way through the great British postal system. And with only three delivery days left before the fateful day, I have to admit I’m getting a tiny bit worried about a couple of packages. I’m sure they will arrive though...hopefully...

Here’s to 2013: Tomorrow, at 11.11 a.m., the world is meant to end, according to the Mayans. I’ve been trying to ignore it to be honest, because it scares me ever so slightly. And what a waste of all that shopping will have been! So here’s to a happy new year!

Festive change: Christmas will be slightly different for me this year. Having worked in retail for the last six years, this time of year usually meant huge queues, Christmas tunes on repeat and January sales. But not anymore. I’m quite looking forward to sitting at my desk, in the peace and quiet, without having to deal with the mass crowds all out ‘looking for a bargain’. To all my New Look colleagues - good luck, but I can’t say I’ll miss it!

This week ...I watched the last ever Gossip Girl (sob!); started wrapping Christmas presents whilst watching Love Actually - it has to be done!